Planning for a funeral can be a difficult process as you may still be grieving. The following information outlines the basic services offered but it is highly encouraged that you contact John directly as he can address any questions or concerns and offer suggestions that may better suit your needs.

Services and Fees
Consultation by appointment as required.FROM
John will meet with the family to arrange the funereal aspects such as: eulogies, selection of appropriate poetry, music, location of service and to also answer any questions, OR to prepay a funeral or cremation.
Types of Service: (Basic Packages)
  • Burial
  • Placement / Scattering of ashes
  • Memorial service
Other Optional ServicesFROM
  • Transfer from place of death
  • Preparation for burial (digging of grave, etc) (outsourced)
  • Organisation of cremation
  • Prepay plans - Click here for more details.
Other AspectsPlease contact “Farewell Little Friend”
  • Funerals and Arrangements south of Aldinga / Willunga OR north of Henley Beach Road / The Parade (Norwood)
  • Cremation fees (outsourced)
  • Return of ashes in scatter pack or urn (if required)
  • Memorabilia: Provision of urns, plaques, memorial jewellery
  • After hours: Consultation, transfer / removal of pet, funerals
  • Pets weighing more than 30 kilograms, if an extra staff member is required
  • Coffin or alternative plus materials
  • Any other disbursements (flowers, photos, etc)
A 5% discount (basic package only) is available to pensioners.

A 5% discount is also available if full cash payment is made of the day of the funeral, (basic package only).



The Basic Package includes the burial or cremation of your pet.

Cemetery BurialHome BurialCremation
  • Cooper’s Pet Cemetery is a licensed pet cemetery available in SA
  • A pet can only be buried on the property of the pet owner
  • The geographical suitability of a home burial will need to be considered
  • Please consider whether a burial would be appropriate if you intend to move house in the future
  • Your local council will be able to better advise the possibility of a home burial
  • Your pet’s ashes can be kept close at home and easily moved if needed
  • Alternatively, you may choose to scatter the ashes as part of the funeral service
  • A variety of containers, urns and memorials are available for purchase
  • Cremation fees apply (outsourced)



A memorial service may assist in the grieving process of losing a loved pet. It is similar to a burial service, or a placement / scattering of ashes service. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the memories of your pet and to celebrate its life, while also enabling you to gently say goodbye and to start moving towards finding closure.