Pre Pay Funerals allow for you to prepare a funeral for your pet before the time arises. There are several advantages to a Pre Pay Funeral.

  • You can make decisions ahead of time which will free you from the stress of organizing a funeral at the time of your pet’s death.
  • You will have greater peace of mind about any decisions made.
  • Even if the price of the service increases at a future date and it is all paid, you will pay no extra. Otherwise, you pay the outstanding amount.
  • You can pay by lump sum or by instalments.
  • There will be no major financial concerns at the time of the funeral.

A Pre Pay Funeral is arranged in the same way that a funeral would normally be arranged, however, please consider the following matters.

  • Farewell Little Friend does not own the money at the time of payment.
  • The client pays for selected components of the Pre Pay Funeral.
  • Each component is listed in the contract.
  • Components that have not been prepaid are paid for at the time of the funeral and at the current cost of the service.
  • An administration fee is charged for time spent, travel and extra work involved in setting up the Pre Pay Funeral.
  • In the event that you need to cancel the policy, you will be refunded the amount deposited towards the Pre Pay Funeral. The administration fee cannot be refunded.