Funerals For Pets

Your pets may be furry, fluffy, feathered or scaly, but they are loved and cherished members of the family.
With their precious short lives, illness, age, or some other misfortune catches up with them and they leave us. But unlike our human friends and family, there is not a facilitated way to say goodbye.
A simple funeral service and celebration of your pet’s life assists with the grieving process.

Our Funeral Services

In consultation with one of our pet funeral celebrants, your family would have the opportunity to farewell your family member in a meaningful dignified manner.
Each service is tailored to suit your family. One of our consultants will directly plan this celebration of life, from the Eulogy right through to the burial if that is what you wish. The family would also be able to plan the type of service it wishes to have, including a eulogy and appropriate poems.
When you don't know what to do, or how to do it, we assist you to respectfully and lovingly say goodbye to your pet.

The Team

John Whitman
John Whitman


Having arranged more than 2000 services in the funeral industry John has now turned his attention to animals.

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